Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Human Eco-system

I am always seeing reports in newspapers, magazines, and online about how someone or something is destroying an ecosystem and how fragile an ecosystem is. Generally this is considered a bad thing and often leads to some kind of legislation and lots of protests.

As I was wondering my local super market I began to wonder about the human eco-system. There is a lot of concern about what we are doing to nature but not so much about what we are doing to ourselves. Not wanting to preach here, that isn't the intent, but it is something to think about the next time you pick up some kind of processed food or some produce that has been shipped in from another country halfway around the world.

Do you know what is in what you are eating or about to prepare for someone you care about? do you recognize the ingredients? Do you know where the food you are eating came from? the region, the area, the person. What is the real cost of the tomato in January in your basket on the human eco-system.

You either care about this or you don't, and for the most part I would assume that people won't even think about it and the questions above would not enter their mind. Convenience is king, cost trumps quality, and the recipe you are using has no concept of seasonality. But if you did consider the questions above, would it change the way you shop for food. Personally I think it would, and I think it would better support your community and what your community produces, as well as the human eco-system in general.

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